3 sets of 2500 KVA and 3 sets of 3000 KVA transformers were coated with ZINGA in June 2018. These transformers were to be installed at a solar photovoltaic power station, located in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan near Tokyo.
The customer, SOLAR FRONTIER (Minato, Tokio, Japan) had already a good experience with ZINGA.

in 2014, when ZINGA was coated on 10 sets of 500 KVA pad-type transformers, and he was satisfied with the ZINGA product. After grit blasting (alumina grit), the transformers were coated with ZINGA at 80 microns followed by mist-coat and full-coat urethane top-coat
(60 microns, domestic product from Korea Chemical Company, KCC).