Zingametall offers a wide range of compatible epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic topcoats. These topcoats differ in use (outdoor / indoor), gloss (satin / egg shell / high gloss) and characteristics (abrasion resistance / chemical resistance / …).

The topcoats are commercialised for ZINGA projects only for larger quantities.

Complete ZINGA systems are tested according to ISO 12944.

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Product description

Zingatarfree is a one-pack moisture curing polyurethane paint. It exhibits excellent water and corrosion resistance (thanks to the MIO particles) and outstanding chemical resistance. These properties make Zingatarfree the ideal product to replace normal coal tar products. Zingatarfree is recommended for use in duplex systems with ZINGA for application on structures in immersion or embedded in soil.


Product description

Alu ZM is a quick drying one pack coating based on aluminium flakes. It can be applied directly onto old, uncorroded hot-dip galvanised or thermal sprayed zinc substrates or as an aluminium topcoat on ZINGA. It can be applied by brushing or spraying in a wide range of atmospheric circumstances.

Alu ZM is mainly applied for aesthetical reasons as it gives a shiny aluminium aspect, but it also has good chemical and abrasion resistance which allows it to be used in industrial environments.

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