Pure Zinc Vent Hole Blanking Plugs in a Variety of Sizes

For filling vent holes in railings and other galvanised metal work, our tapered aluminum and zinc plugs beat welding, lead, wooden plugs and body putty. (And they sure beat leaving the holes open for insects to build nests in or for kids to investigate with a finger).

Pound our plugs in, grind them down, and you won’t even know there was a hole to start with.

Our zinc plugs, created for use in more demanding environments, are made for holes from 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.

Before galvanising hollow railings or architectural elements, holes are drilled to allow for proper galvanisation of both the outside and the inside of the piece. Those holes, though, are unsightly and often need to be repaired.

Many people weld the vent hole closed and re-tin the surface in a time-consuming and expensive process, burning off the galvanising in the immediate area of the weld and leaving only a thin protective coating on the outside of the work.

Others force lead into the hole and finish the surface to match the part’s contour. But this second option is unacceptable because there are environmental concerns with the use of lead.