Maintenance work on the ANALABE bridge on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works and the
following work by the company OTI: preliminary study, removal and installation of metal parts, transportation of these parts, sandblasting and painting of the The pylons and other structures of the Krasikov
Transformer Station were protected with ZINGA in the summer of 1994. The application was done by brush and roller. ZINGA was used as primer on the grit-blasted surface in one layer of approx. 50 µm. The total amount of ZINGA used at this site was approx. 1.5 ton. ZINGA was topcoated with Jotun Conceal (without sealer) at a layer thickness of 80 µm applied in one coat, also by brush and roll.
These pictures were taken in 1994, just after the application.bridge.
Where an application by roll was not possible, a brush was chosen.

The bridge is located on the edge of the city of Manakara, Vatovavy Fitovinany region, in
Madagascar. OTI was responsible for dismantling the bridged parts of the bridge. These were replaced by new pieces (welded and bolted).