Location: IRELAND

This pumping station pumps gas from the Corrib Field onto the shore in Galway. The manifolds and other assorted pipe-work were delivered to site as new, uncoated steelwork and due to the proximity of the sea it was decided to galvanise all of the steel with Zinga.

When the work was completed, it was decided that the steelwork should have an aesthetic finish in a green colour, but the budget was very tight at this point. The contractors from Italy said that a three-coat system would be too expensive, so they were told to go ahead with a two-coat system whereby they applied Dupont 2K Polyurethane paint from a local supplier directly over the Zinga.

This was done and the finish was excellent, with a tough high-gloss finish for appearance and with a coat of Zinga that acts not only as a galvanising layer but also acts as an ‘earthing blanket’ whereby any local static electricity generated on hot dry days would be discharged into the ground from the zinc layer via a copper earthing spike in the ground.
System used:
Blast-clean to SA2.5
Zinga 1 x 80µm DFT
2K polyurethane 1 x 60µm DFT

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