DUBLIN Apartment Block

Exclusive Apartment situated in Dublin’s trendy docklands.
Project called for several hundred fabricated steel posts which were designed to accommodate glass sections all around the perimeter of the building.

The posts were manufactured by Kilkenny company CDS Architectural Metalworks Limited.
They were shot blasted to SAE 2.5 by specialists Crowley Surface Coatings Ltd also based in Kilkenny.
ZINGA was applied by airless spray @ max 90 DFT.
ZINGACERAM was then applied to seal the ZINGA.
Finally two coats of PU 2k finish to customers spec were applied.
The finished project was very well received.

View of the first stages of building to illustrate the quantity of steel involved.

Dublin Hannover Quay 01
Dublin Hannover Quay 01 – Copy
Dublin Hannover Quay 02
Dublin Hannover Quay 02 – Copy
Dublin Hannover Quay 03
Dublin Hannover Quay 03 – Copy
Dublin Hannover Quay 04
Dublin Hannover Quay 05

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