zinga can be topcoated
Always strictly adhere to the appropriate specifications provided by the topcoat manufacturers in conjunction with ZINGA. Although ZINGA can be easily overcoated with a wide range of topcoats, it should be noted that when using epoxies etc. that ZINGA is sensitive to solvents and all the necessary precautions should be taken to minimise its exposure to any solvents contained in the topcoats.

The use of the “mist-coat/full-coat” technique is vital and mandatory to prevent this from happening. For more information, please see “mist/full coat”.

Paint manufacturers will often specify a particular individual primer / topcoat systems, and these should always be applied over the correct tie-coat. Topcoats to avoid using in conjunction with ZINGA include all alkyd-based enamels, which must never be applied over any zinc based coatings. This is because the zinc reacts with the alkyd and causes saponification which allows the paint to dry but to never harden and cure.

High-build vinyls as well as acrylated and chlorinated-rubber enamels are extremely high in solvent content, so the use of a sealer is mandatory with these coatings.

Zingametall offers two sealers in its range, which have both been tested with ZINGA according to ISO 12944: Zingalufer and Zingaceram HS.

ZINGA is a unique coating product. Before application of any topcoat, a small test application should always be performed to see if any reactions occur.


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