TDS Zingalufer

Zingalufer is a moisture curing one pack polyurethane. Micaceous iron oxides (MIO) create the special lamellar structure which create a very tight paint film for optimal barrier protection and corrosion resistance.
Zingalufer is used as a sealer on ZINGA, as intermediate coat in a three layer ZINGA system.

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References, certification and tests

ISO 12944 on ZINGA + Zingalufer

Project Description
ISO 12944-6: Paints and varnishes — Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems
The ISO 12944 standard is intended to assist engineers and corrosion experts in adopting best practice in corrosion protection of structural steel with coatings at new construction and repairs. ISO 12944 is progressively superseding regional standards to become a truly global benchmark in corrosion control.

The ZINGA/Zingalufer system has been subjected to extensive testing such as water condensation
test, neutral salt spray test, chemical resistance test and water immersion test. After a prescribed exposure test (depending on representative environment), the coating is assessed for adhesion, blistering, rusting, cracking and flaking.

Environments are classified according corrosivity:

C1: Indoor conditions (Heated buildings/neutral atmosphere)
C2: Rural areas, low pollution (countryside, inland town areas)
C3: Urban and industrial atmospheres with moderate sulphur dioxide levels and salinity. Production areas with high humidity (inland big cities with high traffic)
C4: Industrial or coastal (with moderate salinity) zones (chemical factories, swimming pools, shipyards)
C5I: Industrial zones with high humidity and aggressive environment (continuous condensation and high pollution)
C5M: Coastal zones and marine zones with high salinity (continuous condensation and high pollution)
After exposure, the coating is evaluated as H(igh), M(edium) or L(ow); reflecting in a life expectancy of:
Low: Life expectancy less than 5 years
Medium: Life expectancy between 5 and 15 years
High: Life expectancy more than 15 years

The system

ZINGA 1 x 60-80 µm DFT


Zingalufer 1 x 80 µm DFT

passed the tests for C5I and C5M with a High Classification.

Project Details
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Shell Tanks

Project Description
Since 2006, 4 huge storage tanks for hydrocarbon products that are property of Shell have been repaired using a system based on ZINGA.

The biggest of these storage tanks measured 16 meters in height and 20 meters in diameter and has been repaired in November 2007. This storage tank (together with another one that was treated in August 2006) is located in Mohammedia.

In October 2009 a storage tank was Zinganised in Agadir and in March 2010 a storage tank was treated in Tan-Tan.

This repeated use of the system based on ZINGA proves the quality delivered (even in marine environments).

ZINGA has been overcoated with Zingalufer (sealer) and a local PU topcoat.


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