The following microscopic photos demonstrate the total integration of multiple layers of ZINGA:
A thin film of copperdust was applied on top of the first coating of ZINGA


This property of recharging can be of use if you still have to do some drilling or welding on the surface, or if the structures still have to be transported. In that case the first layer is meant as a primer. It can intercept severe damages. Afterwards the final layer of ZINGA can be applied and local damages can be repaired. The welding seams need to be cleaned beforehand. When there is no need to recoat the whole structure, you can apply a small quantity of ZINGA on the damaged spots and the whole structure is free from rust again. Repairs will be invisible after a certain time.

recharging 1
Seven days later a second coating of ZINGA was applied on top of the copper dust.
It can be clearly seen that the gold dust has mixed completely within the two ZINGA layers.
recharging 2
The same test was done with a typical “zinc-rich” paint.
The copper film remains intact between the two coats
demonstrating that they remain as separate layers.

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