Mumbai Domestic Airport

Mumbai Domestic Airport

Project Description

The domestic terminals in Mumbai with the same name as its international wing are located in Santa Cruz, East. There are two domestic terminals -Terminal 1A (with an area of 28960 sqm), and Terminal 1B (with an area of 45000 sqm).

Terminal 1B was constructed by Unity Infrastructures where the Structural Consultants were M/S Mahimtura & Co.

In 2006 all steel structures including the huge curbed spans of the new airport of Mumbai Domestic Airport are coated with ZINGA and finished with a white PU.
5 years after application the structures still look as if they were treated yesterday.

The testimonial was written by the responsable of Pratibha Pipes & Structral Pvt. Ltd., the steel constructor and coatings applicator, after application.

Mumbai Domestic Airport

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