A project to extend the life of a sheet piled flood wall at Fitzwilliam Quay was completed Apr 2022.

Project Description:

The application of ZINGA galvanising on over 800m2 of corroded steel sheet piles at Fitzwilliam Quay, Dublin 4 for Dublin City Council.

Main Contractor: Cunningham Civil and Marine Ltd

Specialist Sub Contractor: MTB Site Services

Consulting Engineers McCarthy Browne specified a coating system as part of a lifetime extension of an existing sheet piled flood wall.

Cunningham Civil & Marine, a Westport based national contractor engaged the MTB Site Services for this element of the works.

The piles were prepared by UHP water-jetting and blasting to SA 2.5 with Rz 40 to 60 µm.

Following preparation, ZINGA galvanising was applied at 180 µm in the tidal Dodder estuary.
The Zinga galvanising system is designed to provide a >15 year design life in harsh saltwater splash zone to ISO 12944 C5M IM2 High.

Preparation and coating system was designed to be suitable for intertidal application in a sensitive marine environment.