Zinga » New Farm Buildings/Steel – Rust Prevention, The Solution is ZINGA.

If you are investing in a new shed now or in the near future whether it be grant aided or not, be aware that apart from the normal primers offered by your steel / shed supplier, there is a much better steel protection option available which you may not have been informed about and you may not be aware of.

That option is called ZINGA – a cold galvanising system (not a paint) similar to hot dip galvanising as far as protection of your steel is concerned.

What Is ZINGA?

ZINGA is 97% Pure Zinc, it is approved by the Department Of Agriculture Food And The Marine (by Name) and is eligible for the appropriate grant… if you are applying for same.

Grant or no grant, ZINGA applied to your new steel girders will protect your steel up to 5 times longer than the usual primers. 

ZINGA meets the world’s most stringent NORSOK M-501 standard which means that it is tested to withstand 4200 hours sea water immersion test and the 4200 hours cyclic test without any formation of rust, blisters, cracks, flakes or cathodic disbondment. (Conventional finishes are usually tested to around 1000 hours sea water test.) See Killybegs Harbour Example Here

ZINGA is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your steel.

So, how do you get ZINGA on to your (new) steel instead of ordinary primer?

It would be safe to assume that the steel supplier’s main interest is to sell steel and that they don’t mind what is applied to the steel as long as it passes the basic grant related tests. How well that steel is protected into the future – becomes your problem! 
On the contrary, the cheaper the finish applied, the cheaper the steel costs (initially) and usually the initial cost is watched very carefully at the expense of maintenance later on.

We have already been asked about ZINGA by several steel / farm building suppliers around the country, but they usually say they are ‘not asked for ZINGA’ by their customers and so they usually opt for what they already do - ordinary primers.

Does ZINGA cost more than conventional primers?

Yes, ZINGA will cost you more than ordinary primers initially because it lasts many times longer, but when you factor in the life expectancy of your steel and all the expensive painting required later, ZINGA ends up being a lot cheaper in the long run. As a rule of thumb price guide, ZINGA costs around €7.50 / m2 for one coat plus VAT. (not allowing for waste). For large quantities, give us a call and we will keep price as keen as possible.

Its, your shed, your steel – it’s up to you to dictate what you want on it to give you the best result and best return for your hard earned cash. Specify ZINGA.

Other Applications For ZINGA.

Another area where ZINGA could be worth looking at is the area of refurbishing galvanised steel that has become damaged over time from abrasion etc. ZINGA can be used as a top up coat of galvanise and it bonds directly to old galvanised surfaces. For example aging galvanised corrugated roof sheeting etc.

If not too badly degraded, a thorough power washing will suffice prior to applying a coat of ZINGA. 

Steel trailers… with the road laws becoming ever more stringent and rust now considered as a ‘fail’ in many cases, should you be blasting a trailer chassis / body or some machine or other, you will not beat a coat or two of ZINGA as a way to offer you the absolute longest anti corrosion treatment available. Oh, yes, it can be over painted directly with any make / colour two pack paint finish or powder coat.

If the old galvanise coating has broken down and rust is present, (example in-house girders damaged by slurry / urine etc) it can be re galvanised but the steel must be blasted first. There are contractors out there who can call to your location and carry out such work.

If you’re into Vintage tractors, machinery etc, ZINGA brings a whole new dimension into protecting those old treasures. All you need to do is blast the surface and apply your ZINGA. (Brush or spray on) As above, you can then apply any two pack paint to make it look like new again. One coat of ZINGA followed by a mist and full coat of two pack finish will last in the region of 12 – 15 years without needing attention. Two coats of ZINGA will double that. ZINGA is without equal as a means of protecting vintage tractors, machinery etc.

General on ZINGA:

ZINGA is known and trusted all over the world for almost 40 years where it is used to protect steel in the harshest conditions, mainly marine.

We invite you to browse through our website www.zinga.ie which will give you a sense of what it is all about. (Also ZINGA’s own website www.zinga.be )

For pricing and other information, call today on (01) 830 22 50 or email bcigoe@igoe.ie.

Thank you for your time.