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How can it be used?

ZINGA provides comparable protection to conventional galvanising without the need for topcoats. Although ZINGA is only available in grey (the natural colour of zinc), the significant advantage of this form of application is that the ZINGA layer can be re-coated at any point in the future with the bare minimum of preparation and without compromising the integrity of the coating (see Re-charging of ZINGA). ZINGA is often used on its own, because the structure is already on site or too big for molten zinc baths. Additionally ZINGA is commonly specified on delicate structures (wrought iron gates, sculptures) or when architectural demands require a higher standard of surface finish (no need to drill to de-gas, fettle).

For optimal protection, ZINGA should be applied in two layers of 60 or 90 µm DFT each.

New Farm Buildings/Steel – Rust Prevention, The Solution is ZINGA.

New Farm Buildings/Steel – Rust Prevention, The Solution is ZINGA.

​If you are investing in a new shed now or in the near future whether it be grant aided or not, be aware that apart from the normal primers offered by your steel/shed supplier, there is a much better steel protection option available which you may not have been informed about and you may not be aware of.

That option is called ZINGA – a cold galvanising system (not a paint) similar to hot dip galvanising as far as protection of your steel is concerned.